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Stay Cozy and Stylish with Custom Sweatshirts: Personalize Your Wardrobe!

When it comes to customizing your wardrobe, sweatshirts offer a canvas that’s both comfortable and fashionable. DEPEX Sportswear, a leader among sweatshirt manufacturers, brings you a world of possibilities to express your individuality, promote your team spirit, or elevate your brand image through personalized custom sweatshirts. Let’s dive into the realm of custom sweatshirts and discover how you can turn a simple garment into a masterpiece that speaks volumes.

Crafting Your Signature Look: Fabric Details

When it comes to customized sweatshirts, the choice of fabric is a pivotal factor that defines not only the level of comfort but also the overall style and durability of the garment. DEPEX Sportswear, a trailblazer in the realm of sportswear manufacturing, understands the significance of fabric selection. We meticulously curate an array of premium fabrics, each with its own unique characteristics, ensuring that your custom sweatshirt becomes an embodiment of comfort, style, and functionality. Our fabric options include:


Our custom sweatshirts are crafted from a variety of high-quality fabrics, ensuring comfort and durability. Fleece fabric stands out for its softness and warmth, making it a top choice for chilly weather. Wrapped in the cosy embrace of fleece, you’ll experience unmatched comfort while making a style statement.

French Terry:

French Terry strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort. It’s a medium-weight fabric that’s suitable for various weather conditions. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a casual outing, or attending a team event, French Terry custom-printed sweatshirts ensure you look and feel your best.

Polyester/Lycra Blends:

For those seeking flexibility and performance, polyester/lycra blends are the ideal choice. These blends offer stretchability and moisture-wicking properties, making them perfect for active individuals or sports teams. Our best custom sweatshirts will provide the comfort you need while allowing you to move freely.


Trinda fabric takes versatility to the next level. Its lightweight nature and exceptional breathability make it suitable for a wide range of activities. Whether you’re layering it for a jog or wearing it casually, Trinda fabric custom sweatshirts are the epitome of adaptable style.

Single Jersey (Polyester/Cotton Blend, Cotton/Spandex Blends):

Single jersey fabrics, available in polyester/cotton or cotton/spandex blends, offer classic comfort with a modern twist. These fabrics combine the best of both worlds, giving you a breathable and stretchy garment that’s perfect for everyday wear. At DEPEX, we offer custom embroidered sweatshirts as well and you can get custom sweatshirts with a photo of your choice on it.

Dri Fit Fabric (100% Polyester):

For active individuals and sports teams, Dri Fit fabric is a game-changer. Its moisture-wicking properties keep you dry during intense activities, and its lightweight feel ensures you stay comfortable throughout the day. Dri Fit custom-designed sweatshirts are designed to keep up with your performance demands.

Organic Cotton Fleece:

If sustainability is close to your heart, organic cotton fleece is a stellar option. It offers the same cosiness as traditional fleece but with the added benefit of being environmentally conscious. With organic cotton fleece sweatshirts, you’re making a statement for both style and the planet. At DEPEX, we offer custom couple sweatshirts for you and your partner to stand out among the crowd in our amazing cotton fleece fabric.

GSM and Colors: Tailored to Your Preference

Customization goes beyond design – it extends to the fabric’s weight and color palette. You have the freedom to choose the fabric’s GSM (Grams per Square Meter), ensuring your sweatshirt aligns with your desired level of warmth and comfort. Our extensive range of colors ensures that your custom sweatshirt resonates with your personal taste or brand identity.

Customization: Your Vision, Our Expertise

In the realm of fashion, customization is the key to transforming a simple garment into a personal statement. DEPEX Sportswear understands the significance of self-expression, and that’s why our custom sweatshirts are not just clothing; they’re a canvas for your creativity. Our range of customization techniques ensures that your custom team sweatshirt becomes a reflection of your unique style, preferences, and identity.

Screen Printing:

Screen printing brings your design to life with precision and vibrancy. Using specialized screens and high-quality inks, we transfer your chosen design onto the fabric, ensuring every detail is accurately reproduced. Your custom sweatshirt becomes a wearable masterpiece.

Heat Transfer Stickers:

Heat transfer stickers provide an effortless way to personalize your sweatshirt with logos, text, or intricate designs. These stickers are applied using heat and pressure, resulting in a sleek appearance that adds a touch of sophistication to your garment.


Embroidery adds a timeless touch of elegance to your sweatshirt. Intricate designs, logos, or text are meticulously stitched using high-quality threads, ensuring your customization stands the test of time while exuding sophistication.

Embroidered Badges:

Embroidered badges elevate your sweatshirt’s personalization to new heights. Whether it’s a team emblem, company logo, or special motif, these badges are crafted with precision and proudly displayed, making a bold and unforgettable statement. We also offer custom college sweatshirts with embroidered badges on them for you to represent your college proudly.


Sublimation offers a canvas for your creativity with full-color, all-over customization. Your chosen design is transferred onto the fabric using heat and pressure, resulting in a vibrant, fade-resistant image that seamlessly integrates with the fabric.

Digital Printing:

Digital printing captures the finest details of your design with unparalleled precision. Each pixel is accurately transferred onto the sweatshirt, showcasing the intricate elements of your chosen artwork.

Tackle Twill:

Tackle twill adds texture and depth to your sweatshirt. Fabric pieces are sewn onto the garment to create a design, logo, or text, adding visual interest and tactile appeal.

DTG (Direct to Garment):

Direct to Garment printing delivers realism like no other. Your chosen design is directly printed onto the sweatshirt, resulting in a design that seamlessly integrates with the fabric, providing unmatched realism.

Silicon Printing:

Silicon printing adds a unique tactile dimension to your sweatshirt. This technique creates a raised, textured effect that’s visually intriguing and touchably appealing.

Customized Neck and Washing Labels:

Even the smallest details matter. Customize the neck and washing labels of your sweatshirt with your logo, text, or branding for a personalized touch that enhances the overall experience.

Types of Sweatshirts:

  • The custom ink sweatshirt is a canvas for creativity, allowing wearers to transform it into a unique work of art.
  • Our custom logo sweatshirt proudly displays team emblems or brand logos, adding a professional touch to your attire.
  • The classic custom crewneck sweatshirt combines timeless comfort with personalized designs, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.
  • For pet enthusiasts, the heartwarming custom dog sweatshirt lets you showcase your furry friend’s charm.

DEPEX’s extensive lineup of sweatshirt styles ensures that you can express yourself, promote your team, or elevate your brand with unbeatable style and comfort. Up your game with our custom team sweatshirts and you are good to go!

Fast Delivery: Quality Meets Speed

At DEPEX Sportswear, we value both quality and speed. With a rapid 14 WORKING DAY turnaround time, your personalized sweatshirt will be in your hands before you know it, without compromising on quality. Our custom sweatshirts are inexpensive as well! Get a chance to grab our cheap custom sweatshirt today and give precedence to quality over pricing!

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Ready to transform your sweatshirt into a work of art? The possibilities are limitless with DEPEX’s premium customization options. Express yourself, unify your team, or elevate your brand with custom sweatshirts that make a statement. Get started today by requesting a quote – your sweatshirt, your style, your rules. Let’s make it unforgettable.