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    Custom Golf Polo Shirts Pricing 10-25 26-50 51-100 101-250 251-500
    Custom Golf Polo Shirts


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    Screen Printing

    Heat Transfer Stickers



    3D Printing

    Tackle Twill

    DTF (Direct-To-Film)

    DTG (Direct-To-Garment)


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    Custom Golf Shirts: Performance, Style, and Personalization at DEPEX Sportswear

    When it comes to golf, performance, and style are essential on the greens. At DEPEX Sportswear, we bring you an exceptional collection of custom golf shirts that combine premium craftsmanship with personalized designs. Whether you’re a sports club or a brand seeking top-quality golf apparel, our custom golf shirts are tailored to set you apart on the course. Get ready to elevate your golf game to new heights with DEPEX Sportswear’s custom golf shirts – where excellence meets customization, and every golfer becomes a trendsetter on the fairways.

    Tee off in style, conquer the fairways, and embrace the game with DEPEX Sportswear’s custom golf shirts. With a variety of customization options, premium fabrics, and competitive pricing, every golfer can now own golf apparel that reflects their individuality and passion for the sport. Gear up and swing confidently – because with DEPEX Sportswear, every golfing journey becomes an extraordinary adventure.

    Fabric Details: Swing with Comfort and Flexibility

    DEPEX Sportswear understands that your golf attire is vital in optimizing your game. Our custom golf shirts are crafted using high-performance fabrics that guarantee optimal comfort and flexibility during every swing.

    Fabric Options for Golf Shirts:


    Pique, also known as honeycomb or waffle knit, is a popular choice for golf shirts due to its classic and timeless appeal. It is a textured fabric characterized by raised parallel cords or geometric patterns on the surface, creating a distinctive and elegant look. Pique fabric is made from a combination of cotton and polyester or other synthetic fibres, offering the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and durability.

    Benefits of Pique Fabric for Golf Shirts:

    Breathability: The unique texture of pique fabric allows air to circulate freely, making it highly breathable and ideal for hot and humid weather conditions. Golfers can stay cool and comfortable throughout their game, even during intense play.

    Moisture-Wicking: Pique fabric effectively wicks away moisture, drawing sweat away from the skin and promoting quick evaporation. This keeps golfers dry and prevents discomfort caused by excess perspiration.

    Wrinkle-Resistance: Pique fabric has inherent wrinkle-resistant properties, ensuring that golf shirts maintain a neat and polished appearance, even after long hours of wear.

    Mesh Fabric:

    Mesh fabric is a lightweight and breathable material characterized by its open and porous structure. It is often used for the panels or inserts on golf shirts to enhance ventilation and keep golfers cool during play. Mesh fabric is also a great fit for golf shirts since it provides the ventilation you need on a sunny day. Mesh fabric is typically made from polyester or a blend of synthetic fibres, providing optimal moisture management and flexibility.

    Benefits of Mesh Fabric for Golf Shirts:

    Maximum Ventilation: The open structure of mesh fabric allows for excellent air circulation, ensuring that golfers remain comfortable and sweat-free on the course.

    Quick-Drying: Mesh fabric’s moisture-wicking properties rapidly draw moisture away from the skin, facilitating quick evaporation. This keeps golfers dry and comfortable, even during high-intensity activities.

    Lightweight and Flexible: Mesh fabric’s lightweight nature ensures that golf shirts feel barely there, promoting unrestricted movement and flexibility during swings.

    Fabric Options for Golf Shorts:


    Twill is a sturdy and durable material characterized by its diagonal parallel ribs or texture. It is commonly used for golf shirts and pants due to its resilience and versatility. Twill fabric is typically made from cotton, polyester, or a blend of both, offering a balance of comfort and durability.

    Benefits of Twill Fabric for Golf Shirts and Pants:

    Durability: Twill fabric’s tight weave and diagonal pattern contribute to its exceptional durability, ensuring that golf shirts and pants withstand the demands of the game and frequent use.

    Softness and Comfort: Twill fabric made from cotton provides a soft and comfortable feel, allowing golfers to enjoy their game without discomfort or irritation.

    Wrinkle-Resistance: Twill fabric maintains its smooth and neat appearance, even after extended wear or packing in golf bags, making it a practical choice for golfers on the go.

    Polyester Fabric:

    Polyester fabric is a popular choice for golf shirts and shorts due to its excellent moisture-wicking properties and lightweight nature. It is a synthetic material known for its quick-drying capabilities, making it ideal for golfers who prefer to stay cool and dry during their rounds.

    Benefits of Polyester Fabric for Golf Shirts or Shorts:

    Lightweight: Polyester fabric is lightweight, ensuring that golf shirts and shorts feel breezy and non-restrictive, promoting ease of movement during swings.

    Quick-Drying: Polyester fabric dries rapidly, making it suitable for golfers who may encounter wet conditions on the course.

    Colour Retention: Polyester fabric retains its vibrant colours even after multiple pieces of washing, ensuring that golf shirts or shorts look fresh and new for a long time.

    GSM and Colors: Create Your Signature Look

    Customization is at the heart of DEPEX Sportswear’s golf apparel. Choose from a variety of GSM (Grams per Square Meter) options to tailor the weight of your golf shirts, providing a lightweight or more substantial feel based on your preferences. With a vast range of vibrant colours available, you can create custom golf shirts that perfectly reflect your team’s spirit or brand identity.

    Customization: Your Vision, Our Expertise

    DEPEX Sportswear takes pride in offering a plethora of customization options that allow golfers to create their signature golf shirts. From personalized logos and graphics to unique designs and patterns, our team of skilled designers collaborates closely with you to bring your vision to life.

    Fast Delivery: Gear Up without Delay

    We understand that timing is crucial in the world of sports. DEPEX Sportswear’s fast delivery service ensures that your custom golf shirts are promptly delivered, allowing you to tee off in style without delay. Your golf journey awaits – and we’re here to ensure you’re dressed for success on the course.

    Get a Quote: Unmatched Quality at Competitive Prices

    At DEPEX Sportswear, we believe that superior quality should be accessible to all. Our competitive pricing and transparent quoting process enable you to outfit your golf team with top-notch custom golf shirts without breaking the bank. Get a quote today and gear up for a memorable golfing experience.

    Custom Golf Shirts: A Fusion of Performance and Style

    Discover the diverse range of custom golf shirt designs available at DEPEX Sportswear, each designed to empower golfers with exceptional performance and style on the fairways.

    Custom Logo Golf Shirts: Showcasing Your Brand

    For brands seeking to make a statement on the golf course, our custom logo golf shirts offer the perfect canvas. Add your brand’s logo, insignia, or tagline to create a branded golf shirt that leaves a lasting impression.

    Private Label Golf Shirts: Exclusivity and Elegance

    Private-label golf shirts from DEPEX Sportswear exude exclusivity and elegance. Create a distinct identity for your golf club or resort with custom golf shirts that are uniquely yours.

    Custom Golf Polos: The Epitome of Sophistication

    Our custom golf polos are the way to go for a classic and sophisticated look. Tailor your golf shirts with refined designs and premium materials, elevating your golf attire to a new level of style.

    Custom Golf Shirts or Shorts: Perfect Balance of Comfort and Performance

    Stay cool and comfortable on the course with our custom golf shirts and shorts. Designed to provide a perfect balance of functionality and style, these shorts enable you to focus on your swing without distraction.

    Golf Shirts with Logo: Making a Lasting Impression

    Stand out among fellow golfers with our golf shirts and shorts featuring your logo. Whether it’s a tournament or a corporate event, these shirts will make a lasting impression and elevate your golf experience.

    Custom Golf Apparel: A Complete Golfing Wardrobe

    DEPEX Sportswear offers a complete range of custom apparel, including shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, and more, allowing you to assemble a golfing wardrobe that exudes professionalism and confidence.

    DEPEX Sportswear is your premier destination for customized sports apparel, delivering a perfect fusion of performance, style, and personalization to enhance your experience on the field. Whether you’re a sports club or a brand aiming to leave a lasting mark, our meticulously crafted football kits, American football uniforms, basketball uniforms, baseball uniforms, cricket uniforms, ice hockey uniforms, soccer jerseys, softball jerseys, MMA shorts, and volleyball jerseys are designed to ensure you not only look but also perform at your best. Elevate your game with DEPEX Sportswear’s commitment to excellence in sports apparel, ensuring that you stand out on any playing surface.