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    Screen Printing

    Heat Transfer Stickers



    3D Printing

    Tackle Twill

    DTF (Direct-To-Film)

    DTG (Direct-To-Garment)

    Screen Printing

    Heat Transfer Stickers



    3D Printing

    Tackle Twill

    DTF (Direct-To-Film)

    DTG (Direct-To-Garment)


    Either go for these Designs OR you can work with our DESIGN TEAM to create Unique and Eye-
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    DEPEX: Your Source for Custom MMA Shorts and Apparel

    In the electrifying world of MMA, where every move counts, the right gear can be the key to success. Customized MMA apparel not only exudes a sense of individuality but also enhances comfort, performance, and style. Welcome to DEPEX, the ultimate destination for premium custom MMA shorts, MMA training shorts, and gear that caters to the unique needs of athletes, sports clubs, and brands. Let’s dive into the world of DEPEX’s custom MMA shorts and explore how they can elevate your game to new heights.

    Fabric Details & Types:

    At DEPEX, we understand the importance of high-quality fabric in MMA shorts. Our custom MMA shorts are crafted from top-notch materials that combine comfort, flexibility, and durability to give you the ultimate performance advantage.

    The fabric used in our custom MMA shorts is a carefully chosen blend of lightweight and breathable materials. This ensures that you stay cool and dry, even during the most intense training sessions and fights. Our MMA shorts are designed to offer maximum freedom of movement, allowing you to execute every technique with precision and ease. Fabric options include:

    Lycra/Spandex Blends:

    Our custom MMA shorts are crafted with a perfect balance of polyester and spandex, a blend renowned for its exceptional properties. The lycra/spandex grants the shorts a flexible, soft, and comfortable feel against the skin helping MMA fighters to move with agility.

    Premium Quality Polyester:

    At DEPEX, we are committed to using high-quality polyester fabric for our customizable MMA shorts. This choice guarantees that your shorts retain their original form, color, and texture, even after multiple washes. We aim to provide the best MMA shorts to our clients that help them win the fight.

    GSM and Colors:

    DEPEX takes pride in offering a vast array of GSM (Grams per Square Meter) options to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a lighter feel for increased agility or a more substantial fabric for added support, we have the perfect solution for compression shorts for MMA.

    When it comes to colors, DEPEX offers a rich spectrum of vibrant shades that allow you to express your unique style. From bold and fierce designs to sleek and classic looks, our custom MMA shorts can be tailored to match your club’s branding or personal preferences.

    Customization: Unleash Your Creativity

    As a sports club or brand, standing out from the competition is essential. With DEPEX’s customization options, you can craft MMA trunks that embody your identity and leave a lasting impression on your opponents and fans.

    The possibilities are endless, from custom logos and graphics to personalized waistbands and seams. Our skilled designers work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that your custom MMA shorts reflect your style and brand identity flawlessly.
    DEPEX offers a diverse range of customization options for custom MMA shorts, allowing you to express your individuality in the cage.

    Explore the following choices to elevate your MMA fighting shorts:


    Our sublimation process ensures that your custom MMA shorts become a true representation of your creativity.

    Personalized Waist and Washing Labels:

    Add a personal touch to your MMA fight shorts with customized waistbands and washing labels. Whether it’s your name, logo, or motivational phrase, these personalized details make your gear truly one-of-a-kind.

    Custom Designs for MMA Shorts:

    From graphics to logos, we ensure that your MMA shorts match your vision to the finest detail.

    Tackle Twill:

    This method creates bold and lasting designs that withstand the rigors of MMA training and fights.

    Heat Transfer Stickers:

    Choose heat transfer stickers for unique and eye-catching designs on your MMA shorts.

    Embroidered Club Logos:

    Represent your team with pride by showcasing embroidered club logos on your MMA shorts.
    With our efficient in-house facilities, we fulfill orders quickly, including customizing boy’s and girl’s MMA shorts. Sublimation opens up attractive and creative multi-colored design options.

    Calling All Wholesalers and Brands:

    For wholesalers and brands, please take advantage of our competitive pricing for bulk custom MMA shorts. Our facility is equipped to handle all types of customization, ensuring your MMA shorts and robes align perfectly with your brand identity. Gear up your team with top-notch, personalized MMA apparel that sets you apart in the arena. Work with us if you want premium shorts for MMA.

    Men’s MMA Shorts:

    DEPEX’s men’s custom MMA shorts are designed to reflect the power and intensity of the sport. We understand that men’s MMA shorts must be durable, flexible, and stylish, so we prioritize premium fabric and intricate customization options.

    With DEPEX’s men’s custom MMA shorts, you can confidently step into the cage, knowing that you have the best gear to support you in every move and strike.

    Women’s MMA Shorts:

    At DEPEX, we celebrate the strength and athleticism of female MMA fighters. Our women’s custom MMA shorts are thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific needs of female athletes, providing the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

    With an emphasis on fit and functionality, DEPEX’s women’s custom MMA shorts empower female athletes to unleash their true potential in the cage and beyond.

    MMA Compression Shorts:

    MMA compression shorts are a game-changer for enhanced muscle support and reduced fatigue during training and competitions. At DEPEX, we offer top-quality MMA compression shorts that optimize blood flow and reduce muscle vibration, helping you perform at your peak.

    Bulk Custom MMA Gloves:

    Outfitting your entire team with custom MMA gear is made easy with DEPEX’s bulk custom MMA gloves. From personalized logos to team colors, our bulk customization service ensures that your team stands united with a cohesive and striking look.

    Custom MMA Trunk Maker:

    DEPEX’s custom MMA trunk maker brings your ideas to life with precision and attention to detail. Create trunks that align with your brand, style, and performance needs, and elevate your presence in the MMA world.

    Custom MMA Hoodie:

    Complete your MMA ensemble with DEPEX’s custom MMA hoodie to showcase your team’s spirit and unity. Warm up in style and let your team pride shine outside the cage.

    Blank MMA Shorts Wholesale:

    For brands and sports clubs seeking blank MMA shorts to customize in their unique way, DEPEX offers high-quality blank MMA shorts wholesale. Our premium blank shorts provide the perfect canvas for creative designs and branding.

    Fast Delivery:

    We understand the urgency of gearing up for important fights or tournaments. With DEPEX’s fast delivery service, you can rest assured that your custom MMA shorts will be in your hands well before the big day.

    No more last-minute worries or delays – DEPEX’s efficient delivery system ensures that you have ample time to focus on your training and mental preparation without any distractions.

    Get a Quote: Premium Quality at Competitive Prices

    At DEPEX, we believe that top-notch custom MMA shorts should be accessible to all sports clubs and individuals. That’s why we offer highly competitive prices for our premium quality apparel.

    Our transparent pricing policy lets you get an instant quote based on your customization choices. Say goodbye to hidden costs and financial surprises – DEPEX makes it easy to plan and design your dream custom UFC shorts within your budget.

    In The End:

    With DEPEX’s team uniforms, you can unleash your true potential on the field and make a bold statement of style and individuality. DEPEX caters to every aspect of your athletic gear needs, offering a wide range of customization options for football kits, American football uniforms, softball jerseys, volleyball jerseys, basketball uniforms, baseball uniforms, soccer jerseys, cricket uniforms, ice hockey uniforms, cheerleading uniforms, and more. Elevate your performance and proudly represent your brand or sports club – embrace the power of custom sportswear by DEPEX.